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We break down barriers that prevent International medical graduates from accomplishing their professional and medical career goals in the US.

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The International Medical Graduate Academy works to simplify the licensing process for IMGs, so you can pass your boards and start your career in the US, sooner.

International Medical Graduates (IMGs) face overwhelming barriers when seeking licensing in the US.

You don’t have to navigate the ECFMG Certification, Residency, Licensing, or Job Search alone.

Career Counseling

Unsure of what medical field you want to go into? Meet with our career counselors to discuss your options and identify the field that best fits your talents, values, and goals.

Professional Mentorship

The medical journey in the United States is complex. Receive friendly guidance from IMGs who have gone through the process before and avoid making the most common pitfalls.

Employment Services

The steepest hill is behind you – you’ve received your Medical License. Now, leverage our Employment Services and network of medical professionals across the nation to land your dream job – from medical research and pharma to insurance providers and professors.


While you focus on relaunching your medical career, we are working behind the scenes to make the process simpler for you and future IMGs.

Our Mission

To address and break down barriers that prevent International medical graduates from accomplishing their professional and medical career goals.

Our Vision

To facilitate a diverse healthcare workforce where International Medical Graduates have the necessary tools and resources to reach their full potential.



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The Simplest Path to Becoming a Licensed Physician in the US

We give your goals a future by guiding you down the most straightforward path to practicing medicine in the United States. 

1. Become a Member

Join our vibrant community of physicians from around the world who are here to help.

2. Gain an Advocate

We help you avoid costly mistakes during the process of becoming a Licensed Medical Professional in the United States.

3. Get Back Into the Medical Field - Without the Hassle

Finally, you can start your career again and use your talents to provide excellent medical care.

We have your back.

Guaranteed ROI

Stepping back into a career you are passionate about is invaluable. Our members share that being a part of this community has been worth every penny. In fact, they saved exponentially more than the annual membership fee by not needing to retake the medical board exams, spend unnecessary time trying to find residency, or delay their career.

A Support Group of IMGs & US Licensed Physicians

You deserve the support US Students receive from their medical schools. Our community is here for you. Over 5 years of advocating for IMGs, we have helped 500+ Physicians identify the right medical career for them, get licensed, and land a job. Join this community of medical professionals across the nation serving in roles from Clinical Research Associates to Primary Care Physicians.

The Smoothest Career Path

As an experienced physician, you shouldn’t need to repeat a 3-4 year residency. Our Medical Licensing Experts and community of IMGs now practicing in the United States will help you navigate the quickest path to working in a medical role you love. Leverage our testing guidance to pass the USMILE the first time and relaunch your career.