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TIMGA Member Benefits:

Discounts on Services Essential to Your Career

Members enjoy a 50% discount on all our expert services. These include:

  • Personalized Statement Review by a program director
  • Mentorship by a seasoned resident
  • Career counseling and navigation

Resources to Stay Ahead in Your Industry

Monthly Webinars
As a TIGMA member, you’ll receive access to monthly webinars on subjects that propel you toward your goals. Our webinar hosts are experts in their fields, ranging from Residency Program Directors and Medical Residents to Employers and USMLE Specialists.

Educational Stipend Opportunities
As a registered 501c3 nonprofit, we actively pursue grants to support our members. While we can’t guarantee these stipends, we distribute them exclusively to members once secured. This may include funding for Qbanks and other essential services

A Community of Like-Minded IMGs

Your journey isn’t just difficult – it’s lonely. One of the most critical aspects of our membership model is the connection it allows you to have with others on the same path.

With your membership, you’ll gain exclusive access to the TIMGA app, connecting you with like-minded physicians. Stay informed about state-specific updates, find study partners, explore job opportunities, and much more—all at your fingertips.

Advocacy Efforts That Make a Difference

The best part about your membership is that you aren’t just helping yourself – you’re helping others who will be in your shoes in the future.

Here are some achievements made possible by our members:

  • We spearheaded legislation facilitating easier licensing for IMGs in Washington, Colorado, Illinois, and Virginia.
  • We pioneered the nation’s first license pathway for IMGs, resulting in over 20 doctors securing employment within the inaugural year.
  • We collaborated with the US Congress to introduce the International Medical Graduate Assistance Act to expand residency spots and enhance career support for IMGs.

Hundreds of IMGs are Choosing to Become TIGMA Members.

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Guaranteed ROI

Stepping back into a career you are passionate about is invaluable. Our members share that being a part of this community has been worth every penny. In fact, they saved exponentially more than the annual membership fee by not needing to retake the medical board exams, spend unnecessary time trying to find residency, or delay their career.

A Support Group of IMGs & US Licensed Physicians

You deserve the support US Students receive from their medical schools. Our community is here for you. Over 5 years of advocating for IMGs, we have helped 500+ Physicians identify the right medical career for them, get licensed, and land a job. Join this community of medical professionals across the nation serving in roles from Clinical Research Associates to Primary Care Physicians.

The Smoothest Career Path

As an experienced physician, you shouldn’t need to repeat a 3-4 year residency. Our Medical Licensing Experts and community of IMGs now practicing in the United States will help you navigate the quickest path to working in a medical role you love. Leverage our testing guidance to pass the USMILE the first time and relaunch your career.