You’ve overcome so many challenges to get this far.

We’re here to help you across the finish line.

Our community of IMGs, Practicing Physicians, and US Medical Experts walk you through each step of the Medical Licensing process.

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Our Services Help You Move From International Graduate to Licensed Physician

Career Counseling

4 Weekly, 1-hour Sessions

Create a Career Roadmap

Some International Medical Graduates are passionate about a specific career – possibly as a Practicing Physician, Medical Researcher, or Public Health Specialist. However, many are not 100% sure of the medical career they want to pursue in the United States.

Our Career Counselors meet with you one-on-one to help you discover your talents, values, and goals, determine a career that fits, and lay out the path to get there.

Obtain ECFMG Certification

✓ Verify your medical degree
We help you submit the right documents to verify your medical degree quickly.

✓ Pass USMLE Step 1 & 2
Save time and money by passing your boards the first time. We go over the testing system, question style, answer strategy, and more so you go into each exam with confidence (1, 2CK, 2CS).

Secure and Complete Residency (Or Qualify to Bypass Residency)

✓ Personal Statement Review
Personal Statements are crucial for getting accepted into a residency program. Our Graduate Medical Education (GME) experts will review yours.

✓ Secure and Complete Residency
Our experienced IMGs mentor you through applying for ERAs, registering with NRMP or non-match programs, interviewing well, and finishing strong.

✓ Pass USMLE 3
We equip you to pass USMLE 3 and secure your Medical License.

Professional Mentorship

Book 1-on-1 meetings via Calendly with Resident Mentors to ask questions and gain inspiration from people who have been through the same process.

Group sessions at a discounted rate are available upon request.

Employment Services

4 Weekly, 1-hour Sessions

Identify positions you are interested in

Our Career Coaches and community members assist you in find open positions.

Submit a competitive application

Sometimes it’s awkward to brag about ourselves. We review your application to ensure you’re sharing all of your incredible experience and talent in the right format to be seen.

Interview Confidently

We equip you to lead the room so you can…

✓ Accept Your Dream Job

We Are Your Advocate.

International Medical Graduates are experienced medical professionals. Their US licensure process should not be so drawn-out.

We do ongoing work with the medical board and state lawmakers to develop a safe, streamlined process for licensing International Medical Graduates.

Most notably, we have created a second path to practicing in the US. Previously all IMGs were required to pass their board exams and then go through a 3-4 year residency. Now, many IMGs qualify to be licensed right after passing their USMLE, without needing to redo residency. Let us determine if you qualify for this expedited process.

Your Trail Guide to Becoming a Licensed Physician in the US

1. Become a Member

Join our vibrant community of physicians from around the world who are here to help.

2. Gain an Advocate

We help you avoid costly mistakes during the process of becoming a Licensed Medical Professional in the United States.

3. Get Back Into the Medical Field - Without the Hassle

Finally, you can start your career again and use your talents to provide excellent medical care.

Help Other IMGs Thrive!

You’ve stepped back into a medical field you’re passionate about – sooner and more smoothly than you anticipated. Help others do the same by continuing to be a member of our community!